Education: K-12

Education: K-12



Powell High School and Track, Wyoming

We worked on the design and construction of the new Powell High School, a one and two-story structure with a steel frame, pre-cast concrete walls, and slab-on-grade. IME provided a number of services, including geotechnical engineering, phase I environmental site assessment, construction materials testing, topographical surveying, contract administration, construction oversight, foundations/drainage design, and civil engineering. We also performed the preliminary design services for the project.

Cottonwood Elementary, Wyoming

The IME team provided a number of services for the construction of the new Cottonwood Elementary School located in Casper, Wyoming. These services included performing a phase I environmental site assessment, subsurface exploration, and a geotechnical engineering report. We then provided construction materials testing that included standard proctor laboratory tests, concrete tests, mortar tests, grout compression, and soil moisture density analysis. We performed site demolition observations and rammed earth aggregate pier installation observation, which included seismic vibration monitoring, masonry wall reinforcing observations, and field/laboratory asphalt testing.
Additional K-12 Projects:
  • North Casper Elementary School, WY
  • Goins Elementary School, WY
  • Cottonwood Elementary School, WY
  • Kaycee High School, WY
  • Natrona County High School Track, WY
  • Evansville Elementary School (3 locations), WY
  • Southside Elementary School, WY
  • Westside Elementary School, WY
  • Clearmont Elementary School, WY
  • Rocky Mountain High School, WY
  • Rawlins Elementary School, WY
  • Douglas High School, WY
  • Lander Library, WY
  • Arapaho Elementary School, WY
  • Lander Valley High School, WY
  • Arapaho Charter High School, WY
  • Riverton Middle School, WY
  • Buffalo High School, WY
  • Wyoming Indian School, WY
  • Rendezvous Elementary School, WY
  • Fort Washakie School, WY
  • Dubois K-8 School, WY
  • Desert View School, WY
  • Rock Springs High School, WY
  • Wyoming Boys School, WY