Torrington Landfill

Torrington, WY

IME was retained in June of 2013 to assist the City of Torrington in the renewal of their MSW balefill and landfill. Following our review of the existing subsurface soils, groundwater, and geology, it was decided to present a performance-based design (PBD) to the WDEQ instead of a more traditional geocomposite liner and leachate collection system. The PBD is allowed under WDEQ Rules and Regulations and requires a demonstration that the landfill can be operated in such a manner that the potential impact to groundwater from leachate from the landfill is low. The demonstration requires significant knowledge of the subsurface soil’s physical and chemical characteristics, a thorough understanding of precipitation, infiltration, and runoff, and modeling of groundwater flow beneath the landfill. The PBD was approved in October of 2015, the first to be approved under the current rules. The lifetime renewal permit was approved in 2017.

Throughout this process, IME worked closely with the City of Torrington staff and WDEQ permitting staff to negotiate various issues and keep the projects on schedule. Routine environmental monitoring at the site includes pan lysimeter data download and evaluation, and groundwater sampling for 11 monitoring wells for Appendix A metal and organic parameters, and Appendix C inorganic parameters in June and December. Most recently, we’ve been working closely with Suzanne Engels, SHWD Program Manager, and Jody Weikart, District 1 Supervisor.