Solid Waste

Inberg-Miller Engineers is known for providing reliable, consistent, and accurate service. Our clients rely on our reputation and continue to award IME with their business. We are proud to offer high-quality engineering solutions that meet your needs while saving you time and money. Learn about the markets we serve.


We provide consulting, surveying, and other professional services for energy-related projects. While the energy industry serves Wyoming’s residents and its economy, Inberg-Miller serves the energy industry. 

Oil & Gas 

According to the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, exploration of our resources has been continuous for over 135 years. Many of our residents have provided for their families through this industry, and for over 50 years Inberg-Miller has been here serving Wyoming’s residents and its economy. 

IME has been involved in projects working for some of the largest oil and gas companies operating throughout the State and in the Region. We have been involved in projects at refineries, power plants, oil fields, compressor stations, and on pipelines.

Minerals & Mining 

Wyoming is home to the nation’s largest volume of recoverable uranium and has the world’s largest bentonite deposits, with approximately 70% of international supply, as well as having the world’s largest trona deposit, located near Green River, Wyoming. Despite decreasing production, Wyoming still produced 218 million short tons of coal in 2020 which still accounts for approximately 40% of U.S. coal production.  

Glenrock & Rolling Hills

Wind Energy  

The U.S. Department of Energy’s WINDExchange reports that wind contributed to 7.2% of our Nation’s electric supply in 2019. In 2020, the megawatt capacity in Wyoming was recorded at 2,738 mw and an additional 3,753 mw of capacity was under construction. Wind Energy is a growing industry and will have a positive impact on diversifying Wyoming’s economy. 

Inberg-Miller has been a part of this increasing expansion and will continue to explore new opportunities as the utilization of wind energy becomes more prevalent. 



Our engineers consider themselves stewards of taxpayer dollars. We are focused on maximizing the impact of our tax dollars on government projects.

Government agencies often spend a tremendous amount of time estimating the resources available and necessary to complete a project as well as the timing involved from start to finish. These two factors in addition to clear communication with all parties involved are at the forefront of our process throughout the life of a project. 

Inberg-Miller Engineers is a Federally Certified HubZone Small Business with over 50 years’ experience working with local, state, and federal government agencies.

  • Bureau of Land Management 
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation 
  • Federal Highway Administration  
  • State of Wyoming Department of Construction 
  • Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality  
  • United States Military  
  • U.S. Department of the Airforce  
  • Department of Defense 
  • U.S. Department of Transportation 
  • Wyoming Game & Fish 
  • U.S. Department of Energy 
  • U.S. Department of Commerce 
  • Army Corps of Engineers 
  • Wyoming Department of Corrections 
  • Wyoming Department of Administration and Information 
  • Wyoming School Facilities Department 
  • FAA
  • FEMA
  • Wyoming Dept of Heath
  • Various City, Town, and County Offices (Fire, Roads & Bridges, Solid Waste, School Districts, Public Works, and Health Departments) 


Whether you are looking to expand, improve, acquire, or sell, IME is qualified to help you build your business literally from the ground up!

Business as usual: our team offers professional engineering services to support all kinds of commercial enterprises. You can trust our team to get the job done. IME is here to support your business and our community’s economic development.  

We understand there may be numerous variables to consider, and that you want to invest your financial resources wisely. Our engineers can provide cost estimates and feasibility studies which will guide you in making an informed decision. Find out more by contacting us today!


IME is always interested in projects that involve our most precious resource – our children. Contact us today so that we may ‘educate’ you on what IME has to offer your institution.

Over the years Inberg-Miller has worked with almost every school district in Wyoming. These projects include all age levels from preschool to university and range from projects both large and small. Whether you are a Thunderbird, Bearcat, Wolf, Wolverine, Camel, Trojan or Dogie, Inberg-Miller is here to support growth in education infrastructure.  

IME has employed hundreds of individuals and watched their families grow. We consider providing services for educational facilities a privilege, as our children and grandchildren attend those institutions. Many of our employees themselves are graduates of local schools.  

Our team is familiar with school safety protocols, we are budget conscious, and we communicate openly with key stakeholders and partners to ensure the efficiency of your project. 


At IME we are passionate about our work which becomes apparent on projects that impact where we live and play. From pathways and playgrounds to our work with Nonprofits, our engineers offer insight and expertise in all aspects of a project from design to quality control. 

Broadly stated, engineering can play a role in increasing the health and quality of life in our communities. From developing better water supplies, municipal sewer systems, and wastewater treatment plants, to the design of buildings and the improvement of water resource management, Inberg-Miller has been a part of building a better community.  

We know that successful community projects begin with actively listening to and interpreting not only the needs of the client but the needs of the citizens who will be impacted by the project. Particularly when it comes to design, careful consideration of how the project might increase opportunities and provide access to resources currently unavailable and how the project might enhance the user’s quality of living have guided IME’s designs for public works projects. 

Questions we ask when beginning a community project: 

  • What is the need? 
  • Who will it impact? 
  • How can we optimize functionality? 
  • How can we increase sustainability? 
  • Are our decisions feasible?


Every industrial project presents unique practical challenges, from supply chain management to manufacturing facility upgrades. IME has a proven track record of meeting the needs of our industrial clients and providing the level of detail and planning that these projects require.

Inberg-Miller Engineers provides professional engineering solutions while maintaining a balance between innovation and value engineering for industrial projects throughout the Intermountain West. We take the time to understand the needs of our industrial clients and strive to collaborate with you to optimize efficiency and minimize downtime.

IME has clearly defined standards of operation which outline how our processes are maintained and tasks performed. It is through consistency that we are able to gather information, provide accurate results, and produce comprehensive reports. We engage our clients throughout the project, leaving no doubt that your project is our priority!


In a technological world, our team is prepared to offer professional engineering services to support the expansion and improvement of infrastructure and provide amazing innovations in the communications industries!

In our technological world the speed of communication is king. The expansion of our communication infrastructure is a necessity in order to keep up with the advancing and ever-changing technology.  

One aspect of this expansion is the installation of fiber optic cable network. This network is the most reliable delivery system and is vital for maximum productivity at work. It provides businesses and individuals alike the advantage of faster downloads, cloud access with fewer delays, HD video support, better security from hackers, and extended bandwidth. Another avenue of expansion is the construction of communications towers which expand our cellphone coverage areas and provide improved reliability.  

Solid Waste

For decades we have provided efficient cost-saving solid waste solutions for municipal and private clients in Wyoming and throughout the Intermountain West. 

We are the only Wyoming engineering firm with the combined resources and capabilities to perform all phases of landfill services, including ownership and operations of our own drilling rigs for subsurface exploration and installation of groundwater, methane, and other monitoring systems. These capabilities in all aspects of solid waste management combined with our intimate knowledge of closure, transfer station and C&D permitting, and designing solid waste facilities throughout Wyoming enable us to provide comprehensive services. We pride ourselves on the service that we provide to owners in the solid waste industry as well as all other project types. IME is one of the few Wyoming firms that has provided services on over 40 solid waste facilities in Wyoming.  

Our team is familiar with all state and federal regulations regarding waste disposal. We have worked with a number of agencies to develop cost-effective solutions that meet all these requirements. We have been awarded projects included under the Wyoming DEQ Landfill Remediation Program. In addition, IME Executives have served as officers for the Wyoming Solid Waste Recycling Association which discusses policy and procedures that affect how solid waste is managed throughout the state now and in the future. IME President, Eric Graney, is currently serving as WSWRA Secretary.


We provide professional services for a variety of residential projects including large multi-family housing, single family homes, and metal buildingsWe work with homeowners, developers, and contractors to make these personal projects a success.  

IME works with contractors, commercial home builders, homeowners, and real-estate professionals by providing soil investigations, reliable inspection services, guidance when it comes to proper permitting, and foundation design and analysis. Regardless of scale, our staff is qualified to help you with your upcoming project. 

  • Structural Analysis and Design  
  • Foundation Design and Analysis 
  • Retaining Wall Design and Analysis 
  • Drainage Analysis and Design 
  • Site Planning 
  • Septic Design 
  • Property Surveying 
  • Asbestos and Mold Inspections 
  • Permitting 
  • FHA & HUD Inspections 
  • Distress Evaluation 
  • And more! 

*Our analyses and designs meet local, county, state, and federal compliance codes. 


Inberg-Miller Engineers is an expert in the design and support of expanding and improving our transportation infrastructure. Give us a call and get your project on the road today! 

As the adage goes, “There are only 2 seasons in Wyoming: Winter and Road Construction.” While we may not enjoy the impact that road work has on our travel plans, we all want our roads to be safe and well maintained. At IME, we take pride in our role in the design and support of the construction of the highways, roads, and bridges that take us safely to our destination.   

Through detailed engineering, we account for many variables including access, growth, maintenance, and climate to make our roads safer and easier to navigate. Our team has experience working with WYDOT and local agencies. Planning to mitigate the impact of construction on residence, designing functional and easily accessible roads, and providing materials testing using our accredited labs and state of the art equipment to ensure the quality and longevity of the construction materials used, are just a few of the services we provide.