Natrona County, WY

The Natrona County International Airport (NCIA) is located approximately 9 miles northwest of Casper, Wyoming. The NCIA is Wyoming’s only international airport and it is constantly expanding, maintaining, and improving facilities to better serve both the private and commercial sectors.

The Apron Improvement Project repaired and upgraded the apron (non-movement) area of the airport. Most of the work included full depth replacement of the concrete pavement section, but also included drainage improvements, new trench drains, aircraft anchors and some new electrical signs. This was a multi-year project, due to the amount of work, winter weather conditions, and the contractor’s schedule.

IME teamed with the contractor, S&S Builders, LLC, and worked alongside the engineer, Jviation, Inc. to complete this project. IME created a Contractor Quality Control Plan at the beginning of the project. This plan listed the required materials testing for the project and provided Jviation with details on what to expect from S&S Builders and IME. During construction, IME provided continuous Quality Control CMT services to ensure the contractor was providing the product as specified in the project plans and specifications.

IME’s Survey Team performed a pre-construction survey of the existing concrete for each phase, and verification surveys for each course, which included subgrade, subbase, crushed aggregate, lean concrete, and cement concrete. Final tasks included marking locations of the ground rods, aircraft tie-downs, and pavement markings. Our Survey Team made over 70 trips over a two-year period.

IME was able to respond quickly to the contractor’s needs as schedules changed and had the ability to accommodate large evening/night concrete placements. S&S Builders and Jviation Inc. were extremely satisfied with IME’s performance, and we anticipate continuing our successful relationship with both firms.

  • Pre-Construction Verification Surveys
  • Survey Project Control Points
  • Verification Surveys of Each Course
  • Staking for the Trench Drains, Storm Sewer & Signs
  • Staking for Top of Subbase & Top of Lean Concrete
  • Marking Ground Rod, Aircraft Tie Down & Pavement Locations
  • Contractor Quality Control Plan (CQCP)
  • Asphalt Mix Design & Testing Trial Mixes
  • Soil/Aggregate Moisture-Density Relationships (Proctors)
  • Site Observation & Inspection        
  • Aggregate Sieve Analysis/Gradation Verification
  • Compressive & Flexural Strength of Cylinder & Beam Specimens
  • Provided Mobile Lab Trailer for Ideal Concrete Curing Conditions
  • Soil Compaction Testing by Nuclear Density & Sand Cone Methods     
  • Fresh Concrete Testing for Flow Fill, Lean Concrete, Structural Concrete, & Pavement
  • Concrete Coring for Thickness Verification, Grounding Rod Placement, & Aircraft Anchors