Blackmore Marketplace

Casper, WY

The Blackmore Marketplace is a shopping center located along East 2nd Street, on the east side of Casper, WY. This shopping center includes big box stores, retail shops, crafting stores, and restaurants. It has been expanding over the past several years, and Inberg-Miller Engineers is involved with the development and construction of these properties as growth continues. 

IME has performed various services for Blackmore Marketplace locations including Subsurface Drilling and Soil Sampling, Geotechnical Engineering, full-time observation as the Resident Project Representative (RPR), Construction Materials Testing (CMT), and Special Inspections during construction.

Based on the soil samples obtained and data collected during drilling exploration, IME provided Geotechnical recommendations which included site preparation, earthwork, ground improvement, concrete, and pavement recommendations for the various sites. One of the main locations was somewhat challenging concerning the site topography. The site had a significant slope, and a large amount of earthwork was performed to level the area. Native materials were cut from one side of the site, placed, and compacted on the other side of the site. IME performed Construction Materials Testing (CMT) while monitoring compaction during earthwork operations. During the construction of the main retail buildings, IME continued CMT services and provided the Special Inspections for the concrete reinforcing steel, structural steel, and masonry construction.