Salt Wells Road/Bitter Creek Crossing

Sweetwater County, WY

Inberg-Miller was retained by Sweetwater County for the design and construction observation of a drainage solution for County Road 48 (Salt Wells Road) as it crosses Bitter Creek.

Twenty-three years ago, a bridge was located 100 yards downstream of the current crossing. This bridge was removed, and the roadway was relocated to its current location. This new location has to be maintained several times a year because the Bitter Creek partially or entirely washes out the roadway section. A variety of culvert sizes and configuration have been installed at this location over the years in an effort to prevent the roadway from washing out.

In the spring of 2018, Sweetwater County acquired approximately 74 lineal feet of 8 ft x 8 ft concrete box culverts from the BLM in Rawlins. Sweetwater County incorporated these box culverts into a new drainage solution for the Bitter Creek Crossing.

The improvements included widening approximately 375 lineal feet of county roadway to a standard width, designing the Bitter Creek crossing using the concrete box culverts.  IME also provided construction observation of the project including construction surveying and material and compaction testing.