Uinta County Landfill

Evanston, WY

Inberg-Miller has provided environmental monitoring, statistical analysis, and landfill engineering services for Uinta County since 2000. Our work has included permitting one of the last unlined municipal solid waste landfills in Wyoming (Evanston No. 2). This was a detailed geological and geotechnical project that involved extensive field exploration, laboratory testing, and modeling to show the WDEQ that the project was feasible.

We also permitted, designed, and built one of the first evapotranspiration (ET) covers in Wyoming for the capping and closing of Evanston No. 1 Landfill. Designing the ET cover involved extensive geotechnical analysis and modeling to prove that the ET System would function at this location. The ET cover provided significant cost savings for the County.

Additionally, we evaluated the environmental monitoring plans for all 3 Uinta County landfills and retrofitted each facility with low-flow dedicated sampling pumps. We are currently performing closed landfill inspections on Uinta County Landfill 1 and environmental sampling for Uinta County Landfill 2 and the Bridger Valley Landfill.