Oil & Gas Environmental Services

Oil & Gas Environmental Services Converse, Fremont, & Natrona County, WY IME has directed environmental compliance services under provisions of the Oil Pollution Prevention Act, 40 CFR Part 112 for this client. The project included the completion of the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan 5-year review. The review included engineering design modification of […]

Blackmore Marketplace

Blackmore Marketplace Casper, WY The Blackmore Marketplace is a shopping center located along East 2nd Street, on the east side of Casper, WY. This shopping center includes big box stores, retail shops, crafting stores, and restaurants. It has been expanding over the past several years, and Inberg-Miller Engineers is involved with the development and construction […]

LAUST Projects

LEAKING ABOVE/UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK PROJECTS Carbon County, WY Inberg-Miller Engineers has installed thousands of monitoring wells, soil vapor extraction wells, recovery wells, and injection wells at storage tank sites in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Because IME owns and operates its own drilling equipment, we are able to perform site investigations quickly and cost-effectively. […]

Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling Intermountain West Region We have drilled thousands of test borings and sampled soil and rock from North Dakota to areas of New Mexico. As a result, we are very familiar with the range of geologic conditions that can be encountered throughout the Intermountain West Region. We offer our clients a fleet of geotechnical […]

Casper Public Utilities

Casper Public Utilities Casper, WY Casper Public Utilities (CPU) performs maintenance on the water mains and services throughout the City of Casper. CPU works on small waterline replacement projects, as well as water service taps and service line repair. Since 2006, IME has been performing on-call soil density testing for CPU. IME’s ability to quickly […]

Salt Wells Road

Salt Wells Road/Bitter Creek Crossing Sweetwater County, WY Inberg-Miller was retained by Sweetwater County for the design and construction observation of a drainage solution for County Road 48 (Salt Wells Road) as it crosses Bitter Creek. Twenty-three years ago, a bridge was located 100 yards downstream of the current crossing. This bridge was removed, and […]

County Road 121 & Ekola Bridge Replacement

County Road 121 and Ekola Bridge Replacement Carbon County, WY The purpose of the project was to resurface the existing gravel road and replace the existing Ekola Bridge in preparation for anticipated heavy construction traffic during the construction of the Aeolus Substation. Inberg-Miller Engineers teamed with Oftedal Construction under a design-built contract to provide professional […]

Torrington Landfill

Torrington Landfill Torrington, WY IME was retained in June of 2013 to assist the City of Torrington in the renewal of their MSW balefill and landfill. Following our review of the existing subsurface soils, groundwater, and geology, it was decided to present a performance-based design (PBD) to the WDEQ instead of a more traditional geocomposite […]

Uinta County Landfill

Uinta County Landfill Evanston, WY Inberg-Miller has provided environmental monitoring, statistical analysis, and landfill engineering services for Uinta County since 2000. Our work has included permitting one of the last unlined municipal solid waste landfills in Wyoming (Evanston No. 2). This was a detailed geological and geotechnical project that involved extensive field exploration, laboratory testing, […]

Green River Landfill

Green River Landfill Green River, WY Inberg-Miller has provided landfill engineering services for the City of Green River since 1991. On April 3, 2013, WDEQ-SHWD approved the closure of the old Green River Landfill and by September 3, 2019, the existing Green River Landfill entered the post-closure period. IME and our consultant, Souder, Miller & […]