Casper Public Utilities

Casper, WY

Casper Public Utilities (CPU) performs maintenance on the water mains and services throughout the City of Casper. CPU works on small waterline replacement projects, as well as water service taps and service line repair. Since 2006, IME has been performing on-call soil density testing for CPU. IME’s ability to quickly respond to CPU’s materials testing needs provides convenience for CPU to stay ahead of repairs on the municipal water distribution system. IME has performed over 900 soil density tests for the City over the past 16 years.

I have worked with Inberg Miller Engineers for nearly 20 years scheduling compaction tests for City of Casper water leaks and they have always been very accommodating. The service has even improved over the last few years. They really go out of their way to get to our job sites in a very timely manner and we usually need the service within an hour of the call. There have never been any negative issues. Thank you for the great service. It is a pleasure to work with you.