Materials Testing

Materials Testing




Our team of engineering technicians perform construction materials testing for a variety of private, commercial, municipal, and industrial clients to test, evaluate, and monitor materials and processes used in construction. We use the most up-to-date equipment for field and laboratory testing of soils, aggregates, concrete, and asphalt. We maintain testing laboratories staffed by trained personnel at all of our office locations. We also maintain two mobile laboratories that can be used to perform laboratory testing on-site.

Services we provide:

  • Field and laboratory testing of concrete
  • Compaction testing of soils and asphalt
  • Concrete and asphalt coring
  • Moisture-density analysis (proctor testing)
  • Particle size analysis (gradation testing)
  • Soil plasticity (Atterberg limit testing)
  • USCS Soil classification
  • Direct shear testing
  • Permeability testing
  • Consolidation-swell testing
  • Hydrometer testing
  • California bearing ratio (CBR)
  • L.A. abrasion & sulfate soundness
  • Specific gravity of coarse and fine aggregates
  • Sand equivalent
  • Asphalt mix testing, including maximum theoretical, marshall, stability and flow, and asphalt content
  • Floor Flatness testing
  • Many other QA/QC services for field and laboratory testing of construction materials

Our engineering technicians are certified through organizations such as the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) to perform field and laboratory testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, and aggregates. We also hold certifications through other organizations, such as:

  • AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
  • AMRL (AASTO Materials Reference Laboratory)
  • CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory)