Teton County
heater repaving project

Alta, WY

In 2021, Teton County contracted with Inberg-Miller Engineers to provide Subsurface Investigation, Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Design Services, Construction Administration, and Resident Project Representative Services during the construction of 3.67 miles of road in Alta, Wyoming. The newly refinished roads are easier to traverse for residents and visitors and create safe and smooth access for pedestrians and cyclists. The roads provide vital access to the expanded Grand Targhee Ski Resort which is situated between Grand Teton National Park to the east and Yellowstone National Park to the north, both of which have experienced record increases in park visitors.

Based on IME’s presentation of conditions and options, Teton County chose to resurface the roads with a process known as heater repaving, the first time this process has been used in Wyoming. Not only is this process a cost-effective option, but it also increases the durability of the road by adding asphalt to the existing cross-section which increases the strength of the road. According to a U.S. Department of Transportation study, Heater repaving, also known as hot in-place asphalt recycling, is a cost-effective alternative to traditional overlays, allowing available funding to go 35% further. In this case, the process saved Teton County $88,618.60!

Teton County chose heater repaving in part, because of the cost savings, but also because it aligned with the Teton County Comprehensive Plan which focuses, in part, on Ecosystem After Stewardship. Because heater repaving uses less energy, aggregate, and asphalt, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, and the existing asphalt can be recycled for use in the project rather than disposed of making it a wise choice when considering ecosystem stewardship.

Inberg-Miller Engineers is proud to be a part of this project which provides a safe, durable, and cost-effective solution to road maintenance.