Douglas Landfill

Douglas Landfill Converse County, WY Our Solid Waste Team has provided professional services to the City of Douglas since 1995. In that time, IME permitted a 120-acre pre-existing MSW landfill, capped and closed that same landfill, designed and permitted a transfer station, and designed and permitted a C&D landfill. We’ve also provided hydrogeologic services including […]

Converse County Ambulance Garage

Ambulance Garage Converse County, WY This project included the whole spectrum of services that IME offers. This project was brought to us by the Converse County Commissioners. The Converse County Ambulance Garage was having drainage problems with their existing building and faced many constraints including surrounding topography, confined working area, and existing conditions.  The existing […]

Town of Wheatland Pathway Plan

Town of Wheatland Pathway Plan Wheatland, WY The Town of Wheatland needed to update their pathway master plan so they could apply for future funding to construct future portions of the pathway system. To this end, Inberg-Miller Engineers created the Wheatland Pathway Master Plan in 2022. The Wheatland Town Council recognized that maintaining and expanding […]

Spring Gulch Road Wetlands Delineation

Spring Gulch Road Wetland Delineation Jackson, Wyoming Spring Gulch Road is primarily used for residential access for the subdivisions near the golf course and airport north of Jackson, Wyoming. The road is also popular for recreational cycling. However, a section of the road has remained unpaved due to flooding and erosion along a 5,517-foot section […]

Newcastle Landfill No. 2 Closure

NEWCASTLE LANDFILL NO. 2 Newcastle, WY Inberg-Miller Engineers prepared a closure permit for Newcastle’s current operating landfill. One of the most important aspects of preparing a closure permit is deciding which type of cover system to use. The City asked IME to evaluate the different types of covers for the site to determine the most […]

Phase I/II Environmental ESA

ESA Sampling

PHASE I/II ESAs ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS Various Locations Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are essentially research projects into the property’s history and potential environmental conditions.  Phase II ESAs are performed if, during the Phase I Assessment, a recognized environmental condition is observed that may warrant sampling and laboratory testing.   Whether you are just doing […]

Stockpile Survey

Overhead Stockpile View

Stockpile Survey Lander, Wyoming During the course of reconstructing the Wyoming State Training School, currently known as the Wyoming Life Resource Center, substantial demolition and regrading was required.  This work produced varied materials that were temporarily stockpiled in a designated area, each with different material characteristics that would determine where and how they were to […]

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Through various means such as by examining historical property records and by diligently utilizing 811 utility locating services provided by municipalities, engineers are able to deduce if underground utilities may become a factor for a site that is under construction. In order to progress with the development and expansions of public […]

Sherard Hydroelectric Facility

Concrete being poured for the turbine housing

Sherard Hydroelectric Facility Laramie County, WY IME provided P.E.I., the general contractor, with materials and soil testing as well as masonry inspections for the Sherard Hydroelectric Facility being built at the Cheyenne Water treatment plant. The purpose of this project is to use the water flowing from Curt Gowdy State Park to produce additional power […]

National Retail Chain Featuring 11 New Locations

Family Shopping

National Retail Chain Various Locations, WY Inberg-Miller Engineers has partnered with a national retail chain to provide fast-paced site development and construction of their stores located throughout Wyoming. We provided primary site information for feasibility and due diligence of the site’s potential. Once determined that the site was developable, Inberg-Miller provided full design and survey […]