Ambulance Garage

Converse County, WY

This project included the whole spectrum of services that IME offers. This project was brought to us by the Converse County Commissioners. The Converse County Ambulance Garage was having drainage problems with their existing building and faced many constraints including surrounding topography, confined working area, and existing conditions.  The existing site consisted of the ambulance garage surrounded by a gravel parking area and access to the adjacent Cedar Street. This project presented multiple challenges including the flat site, no existing drainage structures, adjacent road construction and coordination between the new road design and our project design. For this project we performed a topographic survey, pavement section recommendations, developed a grading and drainage plan, construction documents and bidding phase services, and resident project representative services. This project positively impacted the community by providing a safe and durable site for the emergency vehicles to maneuver in and out of the existing building.