Phase I/II Environmental ESA

ESA Sampling

PHASE I/II ESAs ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS Various Locations Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are essentially research projects into the property’s history and potential environmental conditions.  Phase II ESAs are performed if, during the Phase I Assessment, a recognized environmental condition is observed that may warrant sampling and laboratory testing.   Whether you are just doing […]

Slope Stability Evaluation

image of a rock slide

Slope Stability Evaluation Absaroka Mountains of Wyoming An exceptionally wet spring de-stabilized a steep slope below this remote home in the northern Absaroka Mountains of Wyoming.  A translational slide extending several hundred feet in length threatened to expand and eventually impact the house foundation. Inberg-Miller Engineers undertook characterization of the slide via subsurface exploration using […]

Residential Housing Development

Apartments being built

Residential Housing Development Wyoming, South Dakota, and Utah IME worked with a developer who is committed to building quality, affordable housing in rural and underserved communities. We provided site design, traffic studies, geotechnical engineering, environmental site assessments, ALTA and construction surveying, and construction materials testing services for the developer on several multi-family housing projects. Liberty […]