What Can Happen in Two Weeks?

Our perception of time is often influenced by the circumstances, events, and environment surrounding us. I recently spoke to Joe, a friend of mine who just got back to work from a two-week vacation, and when asked how his vacation went, he predictably replied, “too short”. Often in our business this same two week timespan feels like an eternity to us and our clients. Whether its waiting on permits or plan reviews from jurisdictional entities, waiting on reviews of contracts, waiting on lab test results, or waiting on Joe to get off vacation to help pick up some of the workload at work, two weeks can make you feel anxious as you stare at the sand slowly falling through the hour glass or seem as if it goes by in the blink of an eye. What can happen in two weeks? In asking an engineer this question, I offer the following answers that only an engineer would.

  • In two weeks, the original Pony Express could have delivered a piece of mail from the base in St. Joseph, Missouri, to the terminus in Sacramento, California.
  • In two weeks, an original Apollo mission could have gone to the moon and back…twice.
  • In two weeks, a turtle averaging a speed of 3 miles per hour could have walked from New York City to Cincinnati, Ohio and still have time to stop and eat and sleep.
  • In two weeks, 1.7 million people will have navigated through a defunct website and signed up for the Affordable Health Care Act.
  • In two weeks, 16,000 people will have died from smoking related diseases, 1600 from car accidents, 2 from lightning strikes, and 1 from a dog bite.
  • In two weeks, 7 bills have been introduced in United States Congress, and 2 have passed.
  • In two weeks, over 200 million people worldwide have been served by McDonalds.
  • In two weeks, the original Wells Fargo Bank stagecoach could have traveled, non-stop, to every one of the 700 Bank of the West locations across 19 states

    In two weeks, over 5,000 drivers’ licenses have issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • In two weeks, 9.8 million people will have created a new Facebook account, which is the approximate population of Sweden.
  • In two weeks, over 11 million gallons of beer will be produced by the world's beer industry, or enough to fill 18 Olympic size swimming pools.