Wind Farms

Wind Farms



7 Mile Hill

Located in Carbon County approximately nine miles north of Hanna, Wyoming, and three miles northwest of Medicine Bow, this project involved 115.5 MW of connected generation, with the base contract focused on the implementation of 79 General Electric 1.5 MW wind turbines. These turbines are located on private land with elevation ranging from 6,500 to 7,000 feet above sea level. These wind turbine generators have a hub height of 80 meters. We surveyed the area and staked out the construction zone and performed both an as-built survey and an ALTA survey.

Glenrock & Rolling Hills

We performed an ALTA/NSPS land title survey for this wind farm project. The job required that we survey the project boundary, which encompassed 35 sections of land. This included locating Public Land Survey System corners in a dependent resurvey area in multiple townships. We also provided construction staking for the entire wind farm and performed an as-built survey at the conclusion of the project.
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