It’s an Engineering World

As I drove on the Interstate this weekend I could not help but think about the importance that engineer’s play in the world.  I think people tend to forget, or not realize, that engineers have an impact on almost every aspect of a person’s life.

There are many disciplines of engineers such as, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and structural engineers just to name a few.  Each discipline studies and focuses on their own subject but they all have an impact on an individual’s daily life.

Take a civil engineer, for example, who spent countless hours designing the roads that people drive on, or the water and wastewater treatment plants and systems that an individual will use.  You may tend to not think about how water gets to your house or how the wastewater gets away, but some engineer spent countless hours analyzing and designing the best way to help provide you with safe drinking water and a way for wastewater to safely be transported away.

You can thank a geotechnical engineer who studies the soils to provide the architects and structural engineers the information they need to design the safe buildings and structures that we use daily.

How about the time and effort electrical, or mechanical engineers, have put into the design of things we use such as cars, computers, cell phones, or basically any item that has moving parts or electrical circuits.

So, the next time that you are out and about go ahead and think about the importance that an engineer has played in your life.

About Daniel Hayes

Daniel Hayes, P.E. is a Civil Engineer currently in the Green River Office. He is experienced in site design, roadway design, grading and drainage design, and utility infrastructure design. His field experience includes construction administration, field surveying, construction observation, materials testing of soils, aggregates, concrete and asphalt. He is an International Code Council Certified Special Inspector in structural masonry, structural steel and bolts, and structural steel welding. Daniel grew up in Wyoming and graduated from the University of Wyoming. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and officiating high school basketball.