Providing engineering services in Wyoming means lots of time in the field during the more seasonable weather conditions.  We are busy surveying, materials testing, drilling, sampling and performing a myriad of other types of field duties while we are able.  Naturally, when cold wintry weather moves in, it can present a welcome change of pace.  Thanksgiving marks the time when things usually start to change, and is part of why it is a personal favorite holiday.  Here are 5 more reasons why:


  1. While commercialism hasn’t left this holiday alone, it hasn’t tainted the original intent of the celebration much either, like it has for Christmas and Easter.
  2. It’s time to rest a bit before the onset of Christmas and New Year busy-ness.
  3. There is a strong pull for families to come together.
  4. Who can deny the irresistible odors wafting from the kitchen?
  5. It’s usually cold outside which makes one appreciate being inside and being safe…dry…warm.  A good basic reason to be thankful.


Thanksgiving is a time rich with family traditions.  I can’t help but share one of our family’s Thanksgiving traditions.  It begins a few days prior to that special Thursday, when I wind up the old kitchen farm clock that has been in our family for generations, presiding over at least 100 Thanksgiving gatherings.  I keep it wound into the New Year, when the old clock can rest until autumn again.  It has a glass door etched with the words “Time is Money”.   When the clock once again resumes its steady tick-tock rhythm, I sink into my rocking chair by the wood stove.  Seems my heart tries keeping the peaceful pace of 60 beats a minute, while thoughts drift back to Thanksgiving as a kid, surrounded by family and friends, where I sense again all the things I sensed back then.  More importantly, I remember the best of the people that I knew then and miss now.  I am reminded that the clock teaches me something different then its glass cover professes.  While I can surely appreciate the reasons behind what is written on it from the perspective of work, that old clock has actually taught me that outside of work time really should not be thought of as money.  Time should be thought of as love.  Time and love are the same best gift we can give to our family.


May you enjoy spending time with your family in the weeks to come and find much for which to be thankful!

About Glen M. Bobnick

Glen M. Bobnick, P.E. is a Vice President and Senior Geotechnical Engineer at Inberg-Miller Engineers. Glen supervises Inberg-Miller’s subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering services. His experience spans a region that extends from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest and through the Rocky Mountain states. He is familiar with varied geologic conditions and their geotechnical challenges across that region. Projects that he has been involved with range in size, but include many landmark structures, plants, schools, and facilities throughout the region for which he is the geotechnical engineer of record. Glen’s 33 years of experience includes exploring geotechnical conditions and developing recommendations for buildings, water storage tanks and lined water storage and process ponds, waterfront structures, transmission and signal towers, industrial facilities, airports, roads, bridges and slopes, temporary shoring systems, embankments, retaining walls, underground structures, slope repairs, mine reclamation and erosion control measures. His geotechnical expertise includes various aspects of reclamation, stabilization, and restoration of ground conditions.